Katrina Collier, HealthTrust Purchasing Group, TN, re: Corporate Event, April 20, 2012

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you and the restaurant staff for all of you efforts. I received some rave reviews and I venture to say many will return on their personal time.

"Again, thank you so much!"

Cammie Turner Rash, TN, re: Catered Baby Shower, April 10, 2012

"Thank you Jill Brothers for taking such great care of us tonight. Mackes Greenhills did a fabulous job with the food and the "Service" for Caroline Bradshaw Weigel and Wes Weigel's Baby Shower here at the house. I hope Caroline will share photos tomorrow! Congratulations to Wes and Caroline on the upcoming arrival of Baby Wilder Wescott Weigel."

Ron Brooks, TN, re: Linda's Hope Event, October 31, 2011

"Just wanted to say what a great time we all had at the Wine tasting and Spooktacular party. You did a fantastic job and we all look forward to your opening next year and hoping the Halloween party becomes an annual event. "

Doug and Brenda, TN, re: Linda's Hope Event, October 31, 2011
"We all had a great time, to say the least!!!"

"None of us had really been out to party in a long, long time and the super party environment you created made for a wonderful time by all. The cause for the get together is certainly one of the most meaningful at this time in our history. What a noble effort on your part !! Not one, but two super bands brought everything together. "

"Jill, as always, you personify professionalism. Still not sure how we lucked into meeting you and your team, but we all feel extremely fortunate."

Susan Zieman, TN, re: "Wow, what an event you pulled off this weekend!" Kudos for corporate catering. April 18, 2011
"I can't begin to tell you how many compliments I have received regarding everything about the wedding, from food, flowers, waiters and special touches scattered everywhere. You guys rocked it out of the park!"

"It was such a pleasure working with you, Jan and Alvy. I'm sorry I didn't get to see Alvy on Saturday, and please tell him that his flowers were "jaw dropping" gorgeous. How lucky am I that I get to enjoy them well past the wedding? Please tell Jan the food was incredible, and we are still enjoying that too!"

"Thank you all again for everything! Shannon was beyond excited and so happy with everything about her special day. I so enjoyed getting to meet you and hope to see you again soon."

Susan H. of Regional Care, TN, re: Kudos for corporate catering. March 25, 2011
"Just wanted to let you know that lunch today was a huge success. Please pass our compliments to the chef! You all are the best. I can always
sit back, relax and enjoy when you are the caterers. "

We are always delighted to receive praise from our customers, but we are particluarly proud of this review by Pisces0222 of Cleaarwater, FL from TripAdvisor.com ( Link to orginal review on TripAdvisor.com ).

Pisces0222, Clearwater, FL re: "Southern Gourmet Cuisine with Inspired Flavor Combinations:

"My husband and I dined at Macke's on August 17, 2010. We were only in Nashville for one night, and wanted to have a decent meal (our last visit to Nashville we didn't research restaurants in advance and were disappointed). Based upon reviews we decided to try Macke's. We were absolutely delighted with the experience.

"The decor and ambience are sophisticated without being pretentious. While the outdoor mall garden area dining is attractive, by all means sit inside the formal dining room if possible. The art and decor and lighting all combine to create a wonderful ambience that we really enjoyed.

"We were surprised at the imaginative flavor combinations that were present throughout the menu. Kim chee with scallops? Pepper jelly with lobster fritters? Veal chop with a dijon-lime crust and curried home fries? There is clearly a creative mind at work in the kitchen who is not afraid to develop unusual flavor profiles by combining elements you wouldn't think would work, but somehow do.

"For our meal we started off with the lobster corn fritters with pepper jelly and creme fraiche. The fritters were light and delicate, with large chunks of lobster meat. The pepper jelly added a nice touch of heat and sweetness. Definitely recommended.

"We shared the Bibb Leaf lettuce salad, with roasted beets, goat cheese, fresh raspberries, walnuts and a white balsamic dressing. We were glad to have shared the salad, as it would have been too much to eat alone with an appetizer and an entree. While this is a fairly standard combination, all of the elements were extremely fresh and the balsamic dressing was outstanding. Perhaps the walnuts could have been toasted a bit more, but that would be the only criticism.

"My husband had the evening seafood special, a grilled halibut over creamy risotto with squash, red corn and lobster. The halibut was perfectly cooked and the risotto was out of this world.

"I had the seared scallops with country ham, corn souffle, fried okra, and a gingered peach syrup. The scallops (4 large ones) were perfectly cooked - a nice sear on the outside and cooked just to doneness on the inside. The ginger peach syrup (more of a compote) added a wonderful sweetness and bite to the plate. The fried okra added a great crunchy textural element. The only off note for me was the corn souffle. It was prepared with a smoke flavor that was so intense it overwhelmed the flavor of the corn. Overall, though, and outstanding dish I would recommend.

"We were so full by that time we could barely squeeze in desert, but we had a cappuccino and shared a fresh peach creme brulee. The cappuccino was perfect - nice and strong and flavorful. the creme brulee was fantastic, with a perfect caramelized sugar crust and a luscious filling of creamy goodness with just a hint of peach flavor.

"We found the prices to be reasonable for the quality of the food. The service was very good, but perhaps a bit too nonchalant /casual or this caliber of restaurant. One nice touch is that Macke's offers many of their entrees in small portions. We would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone who enjoys fine dining, southern cuisine, and unusual flavor combinations that absolutely work. We will definitely be back!"

Link to orginal review on TripAdvisor.com.

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